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Unfortunately, in this breed there are some breeders who do not care about the breed at all and had introduced outside blood into the gene pool.  Such kennels are purposely breeding and mixing Czechoslovakian Vlcaks and selling them off as purebred dogs. Because of the fraud, it is now standard to do a DNA-profile on ALL breeding dogs. You can check out all kennels to avoid here.

Purebred csv do not have the correct genetics to carry liver. Therefore it was introduced by Saarloos. 


Crying Wolf Galiba was said to sire around 17 offspring. And well over 445 descendants. Fortunately, Galiba was a purebred dog. However, he was sterile and could not produce any puppies. There was a vet who confirmed this. Edit Molnar refused to do a paternity test on dogs that were coming out liver. It is recommended to not use any of these dogs and its' descendants. Read more about it here.


A liver colored puppy bred and born at kennel, Crying Wolf 

July, 2021 over 600 dogs had their pedigrees suspended with FCI. 

At this time the dogs from the French "de la Louve blanche" kennel were blocked (the AWD and Saarlooos mixes produced by Franck Capiez and registered with fake FCI pedigrees).

The pedigrees of another scam will be also blocked - F1 hybrids (first generation of mixes) and their offsprings produced by "Wolfsirius" kennel - illegal crossbreeds registered by Susanna Turkkila with false pedigrees in Finland. The list includes already offspring of the F1 called "Doz de la Louve Blanche Wolfsirius" and bred in the French "des Loups de l'Ostrevent" kennel".

Miky Passo Lupo was added on to the list due to some dogs, but since then, has been released and is a purebred dog.

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